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  1. Daytime Drama - A Post Mortem

    Mon 23 September 2019



    It starts back in 2006. I started work on a game mod - a TC based on internet phenomena and random shit I could think of. I called it "Drama" for a lack of a better title. I was admittedly a browser of Encyclopedia Dramatica a bit …

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  2. Daytime Drama - Release

    Mon 23 September 2019


    Requires Windows x64. If you wanna run it in your own copy of GZDoom, use the IPK3 file (ddrama.ipk3)

    Download v1.09a x64 Version

    If you use your own copy of GZDoom, this game is meant to be played with freelook always on, and jump enabled... and no …

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  3. Launch of Waffle Iron Studios

    Sun 22 September 2019

    The site is a bit simple for now. I'm using Pelican to generate my site as it seems to be the easiest in terms of accessibility.

    So, what's the purpose for this?

    Well, I got tired of Tumblr's bureaucracy, Twitter's rapid fire and very anti-social ways. Not to mention both …

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