Scoot Hard DX Version 1.2 is out

Scoot Hard DX Version 1.2 is out. It has the following fixes:

  • Enforcers have been completely overhauled to fix some issues players were having. They now respond differently to certain damagetypes.
  • Made hint system better (especially for weapon swapping)
  • Adjusted E1M3
E2M1 – Fighting The Enforcer for the first time

Links are in the usual spot below

Scoot Hard DX Beta 3.1 is out

Another mockup boxart, in the Style of Windows NT 3.1’s boxart

Beta Version 3.1 is out. It fixes a critical bug in the weapon system, adds a new jingle for the secret and a bunch of other sounds, as well as some new music tracks.

Download here.

Note: Some antiviruses might raise concerns about WIGZDoom. While it is safe, if you prefer, you can just run the IPK3 with your copy of GZDoom.