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  1. A Tribute To Myk Friedman and Ultimate Simpsons Doom

    Wed 02 October 2019

    One thing I didn't mention in the post mortem was how one Doom WAD really pushed me to try to make my own. Sure, might not be "the best" example of the engine's capabilities - but that doesn't matter to me.

    Ultimate Simpsons Doom, by Myk Friedman, was one of the …

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  2. Daytime Drama - A Post Mortem

    Mon 23 September 2019



    It starts back in 2006. I started work on a game mod - a TC based on internet phenomena and random shit I could think of. I called it "Drama" for a lack of a better title. I was admittedly a browser of Encyclopedia Dramatica a bit …

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  3. Launch of Waffle Iron Studios

    Sun 22 September 2019

    The site is a bit simple for now. I'm using Pelican to generate my site as it seems to be the easiest in terms of accessibility.

    So, what's the purpose for this?

    Well, I got tired of Tumblr's bureaucracy, Twitter's rapid fire and very anti-social ways. Not to mention both …

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