Daytime Drama


NOTE: This repacks the v1.14 version with a Git Build to fix a sound issue with powerups. It is recommended to download this version instead.

Requires Windows x64. If you wanna run it in your own copy of GZDoom, use the IPK3 file (ddrama.ipk3)

Download v1.14 x64 Version

If you use your own copy of GZDoom, this game is meant to be played with freelook always on, and jump enabled… and no compatibility settings.


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Sanya K. Waffles of the Boredomdai Civil Defence has to take down a cult of despair-loving chaos beings, crooked cops, all lead by Junko Enoshima. Worse off, many of Sanya’s friends are being held hostage.


  • 12 Huge Levels – a truck stop, junkyard, the suburbs, a grocery store, and a hospital to name a few
  • High-res sprites – all the enemies are drawn using Adobe Animate for a nice cartoony look
  • Bizarre enemies – the buddy bear, bonzibuddy, knockoff Garfields… politically messed up unicorns… and the iconically horrible Dontrel the Dolphin to name a few
  • Build-like features come to GZDoom – destructible walls, one-liners, interactive props, and tons of detail
  • Takes advantage of ZScript – was one of the early adopters of ZScript, a new low-level programming language for GZDoom Engine. Many of Daytime Drama’s functions couldn’t be possible, or would be very difficult without it
  • Tons of humor and horror – inspired by games like Duke Nukem 3D and Blood, this game doesn’t skimp out on the references, humor, and blood and guts!
  • Music By RodScorpion – custom made electronic music for the game!


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