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Project Absentia is a retro FPS inspired by 2000s-2010s flash animations and sprite comics, with vertical, aerial, elemental combat as the main focus.

You play as Abby, an angel who has been captured by the Orkan Corporation, along with her girlfriend Aurora, and her best friend Orion. You break free of your captors, but your friends are still captive. Armed with only a Tommy Gun, your gliding abilities and your wits, you must jump and glide and move around to get the high ground against your enemies. They don’t know who they’re messing with, and no one messes with Abby.

  • Three episodes in total – Go through three distinct realms – from Heaven and Hell, and beyond.
  • Huge levels focused on emulating physical locations – lived-in mines, castles, apartments, entertainment districts, derelict ships and more.
  • A huge armory – tons of weapons lying around. Use the Hailer to freeze your enemies. Missile Launchers blow your enemies apart. Drain health with the man-eating plant known as Blitzcraig. Use the trusty double-barreled shotgun to shred your foes. Oh, and make ’em taste the rainbow with the Rainbowitzer. Just to name a few!
  • Interactive elements – vending machines, breakable glass, mini-golf, water coolers, mirrors, just to name a few! Feel free to play with the environment.
  • Fully voice acted cast – with a broad cast of characters.
  • Accessibility options – colorblind options, subtitles, speech control, adjustable FOV, and so much more.


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