Project Absentia

Project Absentia Poster. It displays Abby - an angel with brown and purple curly hair, and ribbon-like wings. She is wielding a Thompson submachine gun.
Project Absentia Poster

Project Absentia is the commercial continuation of Scoot Hard DX – as an original IP.

You play as Abby – who wants nothing more than to just be as epic as can be and hang out with her friends. However, the suits at the heavenly Orkan Corporation have decided to cut your fun short. Not taking this shit laying down, Abby decides to kill a guard, take his pistol, and go gung ho on the Orkan Corporation. However, she has no idea what she’s getting into… a conspiracy that goes deep.

However, the said could be said about them too… they have no idea who they’re messing with either.

Scoot Hard DX was just the beginning. It will serve as Episode 1 of 4 of this project.

More will be announced at a future date.

It also serves as a reboot of the Daytime Drama mythos as an original IP. It will keep the spirit of the original however.

Buckle up.