Accessibility Woes

Pelican, the original software I used for Waffle Iron Studios, promised what I needed – a simple static website. However, there were tons of headaches, such as having to compile and re-upload the entire website every time I updated it. I also couldn’t get the tags to work properly.

Upon discussion with one of the people working at Waffle Iron Studios – a voice actress and my dear friend Jenna, I decided to migrate to WordPress. One thing that I really wanted to get working though was better accessibility, as Jenna is blind and uses a device called a screen reader to access websites.

My main thing is WordPress must be able to be read by a screen reader and navigated with ease.

This isn’t just for Jenna’s sake and other people like her. One of my pains is modern websites absolutely are hard to navigate, even with conventional methods and having your sight. I just want content over fanciness as well.

This is not saying Pelican is bad. Pelican is good and if you prefer more manual websites, try it out. It’s just it became a bit tedious for me.

Anyhow, if this works, expect more content. I will be updating this page (and revamping the theme) as time goes on.