Announcing Project Absentia + Site Overhaul

We want to announce that we’re adapting Scoot Hard DX into an original IP. This project is called Project Absentia and is going to be commercialized. Scoot Hard DX will remain up as a freeware project (and always will be), while Project Absentia will add so much more – including three more episodes, and a whole new story direction. We don’t want to spoil too much.

Abby, the heroine of Project Absentia, holding a Tommy Gun.
Abby, the anti-heroine of Project Absentia

AuroraDawn, the author of Rainbow Factory, Pegasus Device, and Pegasus Device Reckoning, has helped with some of the concepts to turn Scoot Hard DX into it’s own thing – separate from Rainbow Factory and MLP in general. We thank him for being so good to our dev team.

I have added a page for Project Absentia. Expect more as time goes on.

Another thing we have done is added a Discord widget to the site. It allows you to connect to the public Discord server, as well as see who’s currently online. Come join us sometime. We’re on frequently.