Old WIGZDoom Source Code Found

During the early days of Daytime Drama 1’s development, and even back in the days of Scoot Hard DX’ development, I had a source port I used called Waffle Iron GZDoom, or WIGZDoom. There was not much to it, except it changed a few keybinds, made mouselook on by default, removed default GZDoom IWAD definitions, and changed icons, savegame and INI signatures and a few other things to make it unique to GZDoom. This helped make it so it wouldn’t conflict with other GZDoom installs.

However, at some point GZDoom matured to the point I no longer felt the need to have a fork, so I deleted the source port. However, someone expressed interest in it – source port historian Redneckerz over at the ZDoom Forums expressed interest in it. It was brought to my attention I probably should have kept the source code up to be kosher with the GPLv3 even though I deleted the binaries.

Well, today we’re in luck. I found a copy of the source code and a build on an old backup drive while I was cleaning up unneeded files, and I have uploaded it for posterity’s sake.



If I ever make WIGZDoom again, I’ll refork it based on a more modern GZDoom branch.

I have no idea if this will build or how to build it. I guarantee it will NOT run any iteration of the projects as I’ve updated them to work with more modern versions of GZDoom.

Still, a curious part of Waffle Iron’s history and I’m glad now it’s not completely lost to history.