Scoot Hard DX Beta 3.1 is out

Another mockup boxart, in the Style of Windows NT 3.1’s boxart

Beta Version 3.1 is out. It fixes a critical bug in the weapon system, adds a new jingle for the secret and a bunch of other sounds, as well as some new music tracks.

Download here.

Note: Some antiviruses might raise concerns about WIGZDoom. While it is safe, if you prefer, you can just run the IPK3 with your copy of GZDoom.

Scoot Hard DX Beta 3 is out!

After a long wait, Scoot Hard DX is in Beta 3 – and it’s feature complete. The only thing that needs done absolutely is the rest of the music and some polishing touches.

The major changes from 2.8.3a:

  • Chicken Mode remembers your health if it’s above 100, and restores it back when you unmorph
  • Difficulty balance has been tweaked to better scale and not be so difficult.
  • Redid armor system to be more reliable. It now acts like a health buffer for certain damage types
  • New Scootaloo VA. We welcome Victoria Prater to the team as Scootaloo
  • Another new VA is Dane/Movieunleashers as the Engineer
  • Reworked and redrew the Tornadozer to fire tons of mini-tornadoes for the primary fire, while keeping the classic secondary tornado attack which homes in on enemies
  • Redid all the textures, added skyboxes
  • Added brightmaps to many things
  • All levels are present and playable in the game. We added E2M3, E2S1, E3M1, and retooled/recolored a bunch of levels and boss battles to make them as quality as possible
  • End Credits completely redone
  • Redid a bunch of sounds, balanced others
  • Redid how heating up applesauce works, less hacky way of doing it thanks to ZScript
  • Added better gib effects for both ponies and mechanical stuff, including the ice shattering effect
  • Jettisoned old explosion code, which was jank
  • More music was done for Episode 2 and 3
  • Several bugfixes
  • Switched to WIGZDoom
  • Many other changes I can’t remember
Demonstrating Chicken Mode in E1M1
Showing off the lighting effects in E1M1 at the construction site
Showing off the brightmap effects on the Fillyseeker in E1M3
Fighting the first boss in E1M4
Showing off the verticality in E2M1

Download Scoot Hard DX Beta 3 (x64) here!

WI/GZDoom Re-done

As Scoot Hard DX development continues on, we decided to bring back WIGZDoom – or WI/GZDoom as I prefer to stylize it.

WI/GZDoom is just simply our in-house fork of GZDoom. It’s feature compatible with dev builds of GZDoom, but has some default settings that we prefer by default, but can’t do in DEFCVARS.

It also features a snazzy icon, the classic WIGZDoom icon for now.

If you want to see what’s up, here’s the fork’s Github repo. It’s available under the GPLv3 license, just like GZDoom. Take that for what you will.

It will be available with the next build of Scoot Hard DX, replacing the stock GZDoom.

PS: I’m still using WIGZDoom as the executable’s window name and any references to it, I want to change the name to WI/GZDoom in the source code itself at some point. Don’t be alarmed.

Old WIGZDoom Source Code Found

During the early days of Daytime Drama 1’s development, and even back in the days of Scoot Hard DX’ development, I had a source port I used called Waffle Iron GZDoom, or WIGZDoom. There was not much to it, except it changed a few keybinds, made mouselook on by default, removed default GZDoom IWAD definitions, and changed icons, savegame and INI signatures and a few other things to make it unique to GZDoom. This helped make it so it wouldn’t conflict with other GZDoom installs.

However, at some point GZDoom matured to the point I no longer felt the need to have a fork, so I deleted the source port. However, someone expressed interest in it – source port historian Redneckerz over at the ZDoom Forums expressed interest in it. It was brought to my attention I probably should have kept the source code up to be kosher with the GPLv3 even though I deleted the binaries.

Well, today we’re in luck. I found a copy of the source code and a build on an old backup drive while I was cleaning up unneeded files, and I have uploaded it for posterity’s sake.

If I ever make WIGZDoom again, I’ll refork it based on a more modern GZDoom branch.

I have no idea if this will build or how to build it. I guarantee it will NOT run any iteration of the projects as I’ve updated them to work with more modern versions of GZDoom.

Still, a curious part of Waffle Iron’s history and I’m glad now it’s not completely lost to history.